Somewhere Else: 057 - Yellow Waves

057-Yellow Waves Location: Pacific Palisades, Ca

#2: Reflection Perfection

We had just booked into our airbnb which was a little shack in the jungle. The lockdown had just ...

#16: Palm Tree Boulevard

Every time we drove East to West we would drive down this road. We coined the name, “Palm Tree Bo...

Somewhere Else: 072 - Take the Risk

072-Take the Risk Location: Los Angeles, Ca

Postcard from Paradise

Years before capturing this shot, I painted a picturesque scene of a gradient sunset with pink, p...

#27. Baa Atoll, Maldives

Location: Baa Atoll, Maldives Year: 2020 Edition 1/1 “World Wonders” ties together 8 years of ...

Somewhere Else: 032 - Red Planet

032-Red Planet Location: Venice Beach, Ca

#22 Aligned

Title: Aligned Location: Queensland, Australia Year: 2021 Edition 1/1 “A Moment Forever” invi...

Somewhere Else: 059 - Bruce’s Beach

059-Bruce’s Beach Location: Manhattan Beach, Ca

Somewhere Else: 076 - Ceremony of Palms

076-Ceremony of Palms Location: Venice Beach, Ca

Somewhere Else: 011 - United by Design

011-United by Design Location: Oahu, Hi

#34: Float On

Since we were on the island for a total of six months, we had A LOT of ways to pass the time as d...

Somewhere Else: 043 - Soul Train

043-Soul Train Location: Los Angeles, Ca

Somewhere Else: 034 - Together at Last

034-Together at Last Location: Venice Beach, Ca

Somewhere Else: 045 - Beach Picnic

045-Beach Picnic Location: Dockweiler Beach, Ca

#34. Seychelles

Location: Seychelles 
 Year: 2019 Edition 1/1 “World Wonders” ties together 8 years of my phot...

Somewhere Else: 027 - Under the Palms

027-Under the Palms Location: Venice Beach, Ca

Somewhere Else: 033 - Ready for Whatever

033-Ready for Whatever Location: Venice Beach, Ca

Palm Tree Paradise

This seaside sunset off the California coast gives me all the feels. Happiness, relaxation, and t...

Somewhere Else: 082 - Lords of Venice

082-Lords of Venice Location: Venice Beach, Ca

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